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Girl Under Construction

Sammy Martin's luck couldn't get any worse. After losing her job and ruining a wedding on the same day, she gets cornered into paying off the damages by working alongside the groom's family. But it won't be a cake walk. In fact, it'll be a month of hard labor as she dives head first into their carpentry business. The upside to it all? Handsome carpenter Nate Hendrich, a man that can't quite figure out if he finds her to be a nuisance or someone he's grown to care for. One thing is for certain though—it'll be a struggle hanging with the men, but in the end, Sammy may just find more than what she bargained for.

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Beatrice Mitchell is a self-identified introvert. She would rather stay in her bedroom and play Glitch, a popular choose-your-own-adventure app, than make friends. After all, if Bea makes the wrong choice in the game, she can just start over. Real life doesn't work that way. That is, until tragedy strikes, leading Bea on her own personal adventure.

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In my family, storytelling is at the heart of every gathering. From the dinner table to the backyard, at weddings and kitchen parties, someone is always telling an uproarious tale that fills the room with laughter. I like to think a fraction of that ability was passed on to me. Telling stories feels like something I was born to do.

I write novels for teens and adults. Sometimes they're romantic, sometimes they're funny, and sometimes they're about space dogs. You can read them online!

I am a graduate of The Writer's Studio at Simon Fraser University. I live in beautiful Northern BC, Canada.


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