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The Trade-Off: Whip vs. WIP

I used to work in construction, having spent two ill-fated seasons as both a stonemason’s labourer and a carpenter’s helper. Unfortunately for my thumbs, I am Bella Swan-level clumsy. I also had no upper body strength. Let’s just say, it didn’t go very well, and I now have a desk job. However, the experience of…

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How Being Short on Time Made Me a More Productive Writer

I’ve always been the sort of writer who waited for inspiration to strike. This meant I spent a lot of time waiting and very little time writing. I didn’t start writing in earnest until I was thirty, and then I wrote in stops and starts—but mostly stops. I spent long, maniacal days at my computer…

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Impostor Syndrome and Finding a Support Network

Knowing the eyes of other humans will be on my work gives me the howling fantods, but I still crave the feedback and connection of being part of a writing community. Seriously, writers toiling in isolation: don’t do it! (Or do. I mean, you do you. I’m just saying it’s a lonely endeavor. Besides, one generally…

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